Terms of conditions

By obtaining, downloading, installing and/or using a software product provided by Loleit Systems (called "Software product") you (called "user") agree these terms.

1. Obtaining and installation of software products

It is allowed to only use the software products as intended.

It is allowed to obtain a software product from an official source only. (These are listed on the corresponding product page under http://www.loleit-systems.de).

It is not allowed to copy or duplicate the software products or providing them to third party in a unauthorized way. Even not single parts from them.

If an user obtain, download, install or use a software product, he agree the privacy policy related to the product. He can find this privacy policy in the product description of the used source and inside the software product itself (in most cases, he will find it in the "About"-page inside the product). The privacy policy may change in the future so the user need to read it by yourself from time to time. This privacy policy can be missing if a software product doesn not transfer any data to other services so it is unnecessary to provide it by law.

The user isn't allowed to change a software product in any way of these: Altering the software product in any way, modify of branding, bundling with other products, including of additional advertising, disassembling/reverse-engineering/decompiling of the software product, including it into other products and extracting of parts from the software product. This applies to the software product itself and its installation package.

The user is allowed to install and use a software product only to any devices or operating systems for those it is intended for.

The user ins't allowed to install or use a software product inside an emulated environment or a virtual machine.

If a software product contains advertising, it isn't allowed to actively disable the advertisings or to even try that (for example, by using ad blockers).

It is not allowed to obtain, download, install or use a software product from inofficial third party sources ("unlawful download"). Doing so may result in criminal prosecution.

It is not allowed to use a software product for any unlawful use.

Temporary failure of a software product (or some functionality of it) caused by technical failures or malfunction of single product versions has to be accepted by the user.

2. Unauthorized API calls

It is not allowed at all to access (or to try to access) any system or service provided by Loleit Systems in any way other than intended or by using other tools than the software products intended for accessing them.

3. Warranty and refund

Any warranty might be loss if the user violates against at least one of the terms of paragraph 1 or 2.

There is no warranty that a software product is installable and/or usable on devices or operating systems which didn't exist in a stable version during the most recent update of the software product.

There is no warranty that a software product is installable and/or usable on devices or operating systems which it isn't intended for.

Refunding a paid software product is possible through the refund mechanism of the used source only.

The set of features of a software product is included in its product description. There is no way of claiming additional features that aren't included in the product description.

There is no warranty that data is transmitted flawlessly from an older version to a more recent version of the same software product.

4. Liability

Software products that can be obtained free of charge are as is. All liability is excluded from them. Using them is at own risk.

For software products of informative nature, no liability is accepted for damages that are attributable to incorrect content. Before using the contents, they must be checked for their correctness.

No liability might be accepted, if the user violates against at least one of the terms of paragraph 1 or 2.

No liability is accepted for damages caused a software product that is modified or not obtained from official sources.

No liability is accepted for damages caused by improper or incorrect use of the software products or technical failure.

No liability is accepted for any damage caused by using the software products on platforms and systems for which they are not expressly intended.

The user is responsible to take action against possible data loss. Any liability for data loss caused by malfunction is excluded.

5. Special permissions

There may be separate written contracts with third-party containing special permissions that releases these third-party from some of these therms. For example, this is the case with official sources that are allowed to provide software product which is actually against these terms.

6. Refuse of conditions

If an user does not agree these terms, he is obliged to fully remove all downloaded or installed copies of the software products from all of his devices/data storages. Furthermore, he mustn't obtain or use any copy of the software products in the future.

In case of refuse, there is no way to claim any refund because the user can access these conditions before any purchase or payment.

7. Violation against the terms of conditions

Violation against these terms will lead to loss of the permission of using the software products.

Furthermore, in such case, any entitlements willl be lost and legal action will be initiated.